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Thank you to all our wonderful visitors to The Original Great Maze 2016, we've had a great summer and hope you enjoyed your visit! We will be back again next year with a great new maze design for you all.

Well done to everyone who entered the maze competition to find all our missing animals that were hiding around the maze on your way around, especially if you actually managed to find them all! Very well done to all of you!

The names have all been entered and we are very pleased to announce the 3 winning entries have been drawn!

So a massive CONGRATULATIONS to: 1st Prize of £100 - Jack Smith, from Sible Hedingham

2nd Prize of £50 - Olivia Harrison-Loverack from Great Easton

3rd Prize of £25 - Aurelia Smy from Colchester

The cheques are on their way to you all!

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