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Essex Heats of British Lawnmower Racing Association Championships

The incredible Lawnmower Racing Championships are to be held at Blake House Craft Centre on 14th - 15th September, from 11am until 5pm.

No, it’s not a scene from the latest Marvel film, but a high speed race... on lawnmowers! While most people are content to use their lawnmowers to cut grass, a small band of adrenalin junkies are preparing their machines for something far more exciting – lawnmower racing. How fast can a lawnmower go? Come and find out! Watch and learn more about this fantastic sport as these expert drivers race around the track at top speed, in the Essex heats of this spectacular annual event put on by the BLMRA (British Lawnmower Racing Association).

Entry to this thrilling event is completely free for visitors of all ages to come along and watch, so for great entertainment, mud and madness, come and see a sport with a difference on this special weekend.

There is lots to do at Blake House Craft Centre, so make sure you also take the opportunity to explore some of the unique craft centre shops, challenge friends on the refurbished minigolf course, visit our play area and of course see the amazing spectacle of the Lawnmower Racing.

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